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About us

Our Story

We are a humble family team with three generations of onsite wastewater & potable water treatment experience in Northern California.

At one point we were enticed by the prospect of suddenly growing big when our members joined forces with a multinational company a few years back.

We then realized that we had to go back to basics, focus on the customer with utmost care, and communicate well, and so we’re back together again doing just that.

Our vision

The septic system process is daunting and often overwhelming. Rather than take an adversarial approach with regulators, wee see ourselves as partners in preserving our environment and protecting public health.

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Our mission

Our mission is to simplify the septic process, make it more efficient through the initial evaluation and design phases, and provide the most affordable septic & water systems for our customers.

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Expert team

Our team

Over the past 30 years, Les Miyashiro, REHS has formed solid and lasting relationships with building contractors, Civil Engineers, Architects, Geologists, and Surveyors. Having worked in three County Environmental Health jurisdictions, Les is not only experienced in designing systems, he an expert at the ever changing regulatory landscape.
Les’ legacy continues with his son Scott Miyashiro who formed and trained a multinational team at Rotoplas, initiating a new business unit that incorporated services with water storage and conveyance products in Latin America and the US. CYA has also partnered with a few of the top home builders and land developers in Northern California. Now Scott’s son is taking up the torch with drafting and siting.
This alliance of land use professionals has enabled the CYA team to serve its customers better, offering the right products and services at the right time. And most recently, CYA has started working with various lending institutions to help finance septic & water systems in the Bay Area.